Extra lighting or sockets

Mr B of Wellington wanted lighting along the front of his bungalow so that a relative with poor sight could see when entering or leaving.

I recommended a row of spotlights inserted into the soffit and connected to the switch for the light over the front door.

I offered to also connect the lights to a motion detection switch but this was not installed.

The solution looked good and continues to work well.

Mr B gave permission for this photograph to be used.





I had previously fitted a 17th Edition Consumer Unit in this property at a total cost of £300.

This job was to drill through original exterior walls to fit sockets in their conservatory.

The feed was taken from existing socket circuit to a fused connection unit to make a lighting circuit.

The photograph on the right shows the first fix of electrics completed. Once boarded and plastered to clients requirements, the sockets and light fittings were fitted (see photographs below).

Total cost excluding light fittings is around the £160 mark.